Saturday, May 24, 2014

And the winner for the first missing tooth is....

 We met up with friend Rowan and Gracen to go to the zoo. It was a drizzly day, but that didn't stop us Pacific Northwesterners! The rain actually made some of the animals frisky and the temps were just perfect. Lunch got a bit soggy, but most of the day was nice. Here are all the girls looking at a zoo sign.

 Izzie, Rowan, Maddie and Gracen.

 It ended up raining the hardest during lunch, but we managed to figure it out. Keeping our sandwich in the bag and taking nibbles kept it dry.

 Gracen, Izzie and Maddie.

 The girls were pretending to be mermaids on this rock. Izzie, Maddie, Gracen and Rowan.

 Rowan, Gracen, Izzie and Maddie.

 I took a picture through the window of Izzie shooting a suction cup arrow at me.



 Take aim!


 Maddie wanted to be a dressed in all white princess.

 Izzie wanted to be all pink (her skirt is pink tulle.) She gave me this look when I kept telling her to give me a "real" smile. She kept being cheezy for the camera.

 A few minutes later a very exciting thing happened. We decided Izzie's tooth was loose enough to be pulled. So Daddy got a towel and was about to yank it when...

 Maddie full of crazy excitement halted the proceedings so Izzie could hold White Teddy AND Purple Bunny. Just the week before we read "Amanda Pig and the Loose Tooth" Amanda Pig asks her dad to pull her tooth but then she tells him to stop so she can hold her lovey. So Maddie knew that was part of the procedure.

 Miss Toothless. Maddie in the background getting Daddy to check on her loose tooth. I really thought Maddie's would go first since it was loose longer than Izzie's, but it held on for a while longer.

Later that night we decided to have Movie Night in bed. I set up the camera to get a fun family shot and then I had to jump into the picture! 

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