Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Piggie and Gerald Puppet show

We started this puppet show before Christmas. Then I forgot about it for a long time. But since our kindergarten year is coming to a close, I wanted us to finish out this project. The girls sewed their own puppets and practiced their lines. They are light years away from when we first started. After jumping into the project, I realized that the book I chose didn't translate to play form all that well.

Basically the idea is that Piggie and Gerald realize for the first time that they are drawings on a book. They decide to have some fun with the reader, as long as the reader is reading outloud, Piggie and Gerald can make them say any word they want, such as BANANA. This makes Piggie and Gerald burst into a giggling fit. Until they realize that the book will soon end. They devise a plan that has the reader read the book over and over so that it will never end.

Piggie, played by Izzie and Gerald is played by Maddie.

 Now that we have the puppets, maybe we'll do another Piggie and Gerald Book. But working with what we started with, I think our project is complete and that the girls did a great job. After watching the play back, the girls discussed that raising their voices so the audience could hear better was a good idea. (This is take two, take one you could barely hear.) I tied this into our study of Ancient Greece when actors used to wear over exaggerated masks so that audience members could see them from far away.

We also talked about facing the audience and making it look like your puppet was talking when it was your turn to talk, but that's a lot to take in when you are also reading your lines! Overall, it was a fun project, that should not have been dragged out for as many months as it was, but we did come to a conclusion and are proud of our work. 

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