Saturday, May 31, 2014

Izzie's Ear Piercing!

 The tooth fairy brought a shiny dollar and a mini my little pony. Izzie was much more impressed with the pony than the dollar, but she did like that it sparkled.

 I love it when I catch my girls curled up reading together. Izzie is reading to Maddie.

 John up on the roof blowing all the millions of pine needles that collect very quickly!

 Saw this growing in my backyard, it's called foxglove, it's pretty poisonous but we warned the girls to stay far away from it. It's way on the side yard that they don't play in, so I'm not too worried.

 Maddie and Izzie playing with giant chess pieces. We were on our way to get Izzie's ears pierced! Maddie didn't want her ears pierced yet. Since then she's gone back and forth a couple of times, but so far hasn't said that for sure she wants them done.

 Izzie asking if it was going to hurt a lot. She wanted pink hearts, but the standard stud was either a small star or ball, she chose the star.

 Trying to show off her new earrings. We stopped to play at the park for a bit before we headed home.
 Maddie and Izzie, we got a really great coupon with the ear piercings so they each chose these tiaras to buy.

 They want to climb all the way over this, but they get scared right at the top. One day they'll do it! It is pretty high up, you can't quite tell how high from this photo.

 While they were playing Maddie wanted me to hold her tiara. Somehow I ended up taking a selfie with Izzie.

 One more picture mom!

 Photo taken at the girls' troops' bridging ceremony. Since we are a mulit-level troop, about half the troop bridged up to the next level. Izzie and Maddie will be Daisy's for one more year. (It used to be Daisy's were only kindergarten but now it's K and 1st.)

Troop Photo! I'm still learning the girls names, so I'll have to have Izzie and Maddie help me with this photo. 

 The girls spent a day with their troop at Camp Arrowhead for a service unit campout. The older girls actually spent the night, but the daisy's were only allowed to come for the day. They were pretty nervous because they left at about 8 am and didn't come home until almost bedtime. But they had a very, very fun, exhausting and terrific day. (Maddie, Izzie)

A picture of their troop at Camp Arrowhead

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Piggie and Gerald Puppet show

We started this puppet show before Christmas. Then I forgot about it for a long time. But since our kindergarten year is coming to a close, I wanted us to finish out this project. The girls sewed their own puppets and practiced their lines. They are light years away from when we first started. After jumping into the project, I realized that the book I chose didn't translate to play form all that well.

Basically the idea is that Piggie and Gerald realize for the first time that they are drawings on a book. They decide to have some fun with the reader, as long as the reader is reading outloud, Piggie and Gerald can make them say any word they want, such as BANANA. This makes Piggie and Gerald burst into a giggling fit. Until they realize that the book will soon end. They devise a plan that has the reader read the book over and over so that it will never end.

Piggie, played by Izzie and Gerald is played by Maddie.

 Now that we have the puppets, maybe we'll do another Piggie and Gerald Book. But working with what we started with, I think our project is complete and that the girls did a great job. After watching the play back, the girls discussed that raising their voices so the audience could hear better was a good idea. (This is take two, take one you could barely hear.) I tied this into our study of Ancient Greece when actors used to wear over exaggerated masks so that audience members could see them from far away.

We also talked about facing the audience and making it look like your puppet was talking when it was your turn to talk, but that's a lot to take in when you are also reading your lines! Overall, it was a fun project, that should not have been dragged out for as many months as it was, but we did come to a conclusion and are proud of our work. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

And the winner for the first missing tooth is....

 We met up with friend Rowan and Gracen to go to the zoo. It was a drizzly day, but that didn't stop us Pacific Northwesterners! The rain actually made some of the animals frisky and the temps were just perfect. Lunch got a bit soggy, but most of the day was nice. Here are all the girls looking at a zoo sign.

 Izzie, Rowan, Maddie and Gracen.

 It ended up raining the hardest during lunch, but we managed to figure it out. Keeping our sandwich in the bag and taking nibbles kept it dry.

 Gracen, Izzie and Maddie.

 The girls were pretending to be mermaids on this rock. Izzie, Maddie, Gracen and Rowan.

 Rowan, Gracen, Izzie and Maddie.

 I took a picture through the window of Izzie shooting a suction cup arrow at me.



 Take aim!


 Maddie wanted to be a dressed in all white princess.

 Izzie wanted to be all pink (her skirt is pink tulle.) She gave me this look when I kept telling her to give me a "real" smile. She kept being cheezy for the camera.

 A few minutes later a very exciting thing happened. We decided Izzie's tooth was loose enough to be pulled. So Daddy got a towel and was about to yank it when...

 Maddie full of crazy excitement halted the proceedings so Izzie could hold White Teddy AND Purple Bunny. Just the week before we read "Amanda Pig and the Loose Tooth" Amanda Pig asks her dad to pull her tooth but then she tells him to stop so she can hold her lovey. So Maddie knew that was part of the procedure.

 Miss Toothless. Maddie in the background getting Daddy to check on her loose tooth. I really thought Maddie's would go first since it was loose longer than Izzie's, but it held on for a while longer.

Later that night we decided to have Movie Night in bed. I set up the camera to get a fun family shot and then I had to jump into the picture! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Klineline Pond

Izzie visiting the dentist.

 Maddie went second. Izzie was leader of the day, so she "got" to go first, even though first was not desirable. Sometimes leaders have to set an example, even it if isn't something they want to do!

 Wisteria blooms on our deck. We finally got around to painting most of the deck, but still have the section where the table is sitting left to paint.

 LOTS of Wisteria Blooms....

 Izzie waiting for friends at Klineline Park.


 Klineline has a swimming lake, but it was still May and the water was cold. I did not expect the girls to want to do more than maybe put a toe in. But it was a very hot day and next think I know these girls were sitting in the water. Luckily, I had some random clothes in the back of the van and they were able to change for the way home.

 Found this lego girl in the school room one morning. It amused me.

 Izzie holding a puppet up through a hole for Maddie to see at the Downtown library.

Izzie and Maddie on the 5th floor balcony at the library.