Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Friends and Parks

 Izzie stretching before ballet class.

 Of course, Maddie had to show me her stretches too!

 The weather is finally warm enough to enjoy dinner out on the porch. And we basically  live in our leotards after class because they are so comfortable.

 Don't worry, Texas, I haven't forgotten you or your delicious sweet tea.

 Izzie painting a wooden Easter egg.


 Maddie and Izzie watching the librarian act out a song at storytime.

 Maddie playing at the library.

 Long legged Izzie on the kid couch. My girls are quickly falling the "big" kid category!!!

 I got a Mom's Night Out with some other homeschool moms. We went to Old Spaghetti Factory, I was so excited I actually put on jewelry and a skirt. The girls said I looked "so" fancy.

 Met some friends at the park. We love park weather! Izzie and Maddie wanted to bring their scooters and so we told our friends to bring theirs too.

 Makena and Izzie. My girls are going to be so sad if their friends move away. They might be moving three hours south. I know they are excited for the opportunity, just like we were for moving here, but it's still hard to have to say goodbye! The Friesans were one of the first families that we met after moving here.

 Isaac, Maddie and Kayla.
 The girls. Izzie, Maddie, Kayla and Makena.

We convinced Isaac to jump in the photo!

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