Sunday, April 13, 2014

Flower and Springtime!

 The girls decided to enjoy a beautiful day outside by coloring. It's really warm in the sun, but the shade still needs a light jacket. Izzie working on Easter cards... which I can't remember if we actually did get in the mail. I think we did this time. I really try to get better about that, but I do forget sometimes. The girls like making mail, I need to teach them how to address their own envelopes!

 Maddie. I love that they are now interested in wearing headbands and the occasional bow. They are really into coordinating their entire outfit in one color right now.

 This is from a bush on the side of my driveway. I love the little bell shaped flowers it puts out. The one in the sun gets covered in them, the bush that is more shaded only gets a few bunches.

 Some mornings we do math even before we are ready to face the day...

 Fun science experiment, showing how water travels up a stem. We prepared red, green and blue water. When we checked back a couple days later the blue and green ones had pulled some color but the red only had a few spots of color in the petals. And we got to enjoy pretty blooms in our school room.

 More Easter Egg Painting.

 I bought a new outfit that I really like, of course now that I bought something with chevrons on it, they will now go out of style. And the art of the mirror selfie is MUCH harder than teenage girls make it look.

 Izzie said she was ready for her training wheels to be off. So Daddy worked with her for a while. She did pretty good for her first day out, but it'll take more practice before it sticks. Maddie is very comfortable with the fact that she does NOT want her training wheels off yet.

 Izzie helped me make macaroni and cheese, with peas and sliced salami on the side. She planned the entire menu and helped make it all the way through.

 We did it on movie night, so here is Izzie and Maddie getting ready to watch. I don't remember what movie we watched that night. Maybe one of the Narnia movies. We've watched those, all the Harry Potter movies, all the Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters University and a few other Disney movies over the past few months.

 Maddie and Izzie making a fort between their beds.

 They sometimes tell me their room isn't PINK enough. I seriously can't imagine it getting any more pink....

Izzie and Maddie decorating a box, because no cardboard should be left bare!

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