Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cleaning Camp Arrowhead Day

Some of Maddie and Izzie's Girl Scout troop.
Ms. Amanda, Taylor, Holly, a visitor from anther a troop, Mrs. Theresa
Caitlyn, Maddie, Claire, Izzie and Kaylee.

We volunteered to help open/clean up the Girl Scout Camp Arrowhead. I'm still learning things about our new council, but what I gathered is that this isn't a year round camp. When we drove into camp down very steep hills, I can see why. I'm sure if there is any ice or snow, it'd be near impossible to get to the camp without special gear. Actually, after being a camp counselor for a few summers at the Texas Camp Misty Meadows, I can't even begin to imagine how check-in/check-out procedures work for this camp. I'm sure they have their methods down pat, but the drive into camp was actually kind of scary. It was, like I said a very narrow, very steep, very winding road. Only one car would fit at a time, so traffic would have to take turns going in and out of the camp.

Also, the units at this camp are very different than what I'm used to from Texas camps. Each unit is sprawling. I'm assuming it must be for older girls, I can't imagine keeping a group of brownies together. And the restrooms are FAR away from the tents. That would absolutely stink as a camper. Or maybe I'm just getting old. Overall, the camp is beautiful and I love how rustic it is, with a sense of history, but there are some logistics that I am curious about.

 The unit kitchen for one of the units. It's pretty cool, but strange that it's indoors, if this camp isn't used as a winter camp.

 The girls had to sweep and mop the floors.

 At the end of the summer a volunteer group brings all the mattresses from the tents to the unit house for winter. We had to take them all back to the tents.

 Three of the tents for the unit. Because this is down a steep hill, it's hard to get the perspective. These cabin/tents aren't as close together as you'd think. So there were three down the hill, the unit kitchen in the middle and then four cabins way up the hill.

 Standing at the top of the hill near the upper cabins, looking down at the cabins below.

 This hill was STEEP. You can see the unit kitchen down at the bottom. We had 16 mattresses to carry up this hill to the top cabins so Ms. Theresa had a good idea to put them in her van and drive them up. To get an idea of how steep the hill was, her van could not go any further than this point. She just spun and spun, it wouldn't go further. We ended up doing a bucket brigade with all the girls to get the mattresses up.

 Four daisy scouts carrying a mattress to one of the cabins. They are big enough for four beds and a small bookcase.

 Using teamwork to get the mattress down the hill, which was a lot easier than for the ones up the hill! These girls worked HARD.

 Taking a nice break after lunch. The day was a bit drizzly, but not too cold and the rain only came down hard while we were inside at lunchtime, which was nice! This was a pretty awesome firepit in the main lodge of the camp. The lodge was very small inside, but there were also lots of picnic tables outside the lodge under a covered porch. I wonder if that's where the campers eat during the summer.

 The fire circle at the unit we were cleaning. After all our hard work, the girls played some games and sang songs for a while.

Singing logs outside of the main lodge. It is comforting to see some things are consistent in girl scout camps across the US!

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