Friday, April 18, 2014

April ReWild Portland

 Our Plant Science Experiment. The green came in the most, but still not as impressive as we thought it might. Still, it was neat that you could even see the lines were the water goes through the petals.

 Izzie showing off a Greek mask, like the ancients would have used during their plays.

 I pulled this activity out for a friend to borrow and the girls got all excited about it again. It was from introducing Greater Than/ Less Than/ Equal problems. Maddie creating some problems.


 It's REWILD Portland Day! One of our favorite days of the month. Maddie with the cutest pigtails ever.

 Izzie's pigtails had an attitude, but they were still cute!

 While we were waiting for people to arrive I found a ladybug. Good luck was sure to follow.

 We found a dead mole on our hike. Sarah picked it up with a leaf to take it back to show the kids later. They were out on a separate hike with Peter and Deidre.

 Building a small fire. Today the adults talked about different wild herbs and Sarah made us a salve with beeswax, olive oil and a mixture of healing herbs. It feels really great on chapped lips and small scrapes!

 When the kids came back their boots were FILLED with sand! Here's Izzie pouring out what looked like a gallon of sand!


 Picnic time. We worked up quite an appetite.

 Maddie, Izzie

 Playing a chasing game on the beach. The theme for the kids was Bees. They were playing that one person was a bee and they had to tag the "flowers" to pollinate them.


 A most amazing tree. The girls say it's a fairy castle.

 After Rewild we are usually so tired that we head straight home, but this time, Misty said she was bringing chickens to play with at ACE so we changed clothes in the car and headed over to ACE for the last bit.
Here's Maddie, Ana, Izzie and Fiona playing with some chickens.

The chickens were a couple weeks old.

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