Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Laurel Crowns

 The ancient Romans used to wear crowns of laurel (bay) leaves on their heads to show that they were citizens. My guess is they chose bay leaves because they naturally repel bugs, but we couldn't find any information on why they chose that leaf for sure. We made some nature crowns using wistera branches and tucked in some leaves and flowers from our back yard. Here's Maddie's crown. Even though, as we learned, women were not allowed to be citizens in Rome.

 Izzie really did hers up!

 This is at Marshall Park. We really like this park because it has this fun "natural" area, a sand pit and a standard playground. Not to mention a big field to run in. I am pretty sure Izzie is being a mermaid here.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Just some hanging out.

 Maddie showing her muscles!
 Izzie showing a ballet pose.

 At one of our Rewild Portland days, our instructor showed us this plant and said it was a healthy plant to eat. I was so excited to see it growing in a huge patch in my side yard. I hadn't really paid attention to it until she pointed out what it was. It's called Siberian Miner's Lettuce and it really is tasty!

 To clean out the grill that grew some interesting mosses/molds over the winter, I put a big bonfire inside of it. After it'd been roasting for a couple of hours, the girls made hotdogs in it for lunch.

 I taught the girls how to use the toaster oven. Now they can reheat their pancakes. (I make big batches of them and freeze them.) This is one proud Maddie.

 And Izzie. They are excited because now they can also make toast, cheesy toast and a few other things.

 The girls have been busy bees as Daisies this year!


 Maddie and Izzie telling Daddy about their meeting.

 Maddie reading books in her fort under her bed.

 Izzie playing iPad in bed.

 I took Izzie to the grocery store while Maddie stayed home with Daddy. They both like this and don't like it at the same time. Actually both girls wanted to stay home with Daddy, the store was "boring" they said. But when I let Izzie browse the Barbie isle (looking without buying) and gave her time to check out all the flowers in the store that made the trip more fun.

 Maddie working on dinner with me.

 The next night Izzie cutting bacon to make a quiche.

 Izzie using the really cool "Paper Bead" machine that Grandpa got them for Christmas.

 Maddie drew a picture of the Solar System. There's Earth, the moon, a comet, the  sun, Jupiter (with it's spot), Saturn, Uranus and lots of stars. She drew this all on her own and showed me after she was done.

Izzie drew a picture of King Daddy and Queen Mommy. My skirt took up so much room that Daddy doesn't get as much space. As it should be.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

 We had such a busy week that we didn't get to dye eggs until the night before Easter, but at least we got it in. For some reason we decided to do them indoors instead of outdoors and so I was a bundle of "don't spill that! nerves." Next year... outside! That being said, no dye was spilled so it was all good. Here's Maddie dying her eggs. I didn't buy a kit or anything this year, just raided my limited supply of food coloring. Apparently I need to buy some more, we were limited in color choices, but through some creative mixing, we got some pretty eggs.


 Izzie and Maddie

 A pretty purple one.

 Bright blue.

 The Easter Bunny did a Sand and Fairy theme. Lots of sand toys and a couple of cute little fairy things. Also Grandma and Grandpa sent them some bags that they couldn't open until Easter.

 Izzie and Maddie waking up to find their Easter baskets.

 About to open their bags from Grandpa and Grandma.

 They had Girl Scout Doll Dresses and a bunch of pencils!

 Teddy tried on her outfit right away.

 Grandma has bought the girls Easter dresses every year. I really love these pale green ones! Mom bought them summer sandals to go with. Maddie and Izzie.

 Maddie and Izzie.

 I set up the camera and snapped a quick picture of us as a family. A very rare occurrence! Izzie, John, Amanda and Maddie.

 After church, the egg hunt was on. And our backyard is GREAT for egg hunting...
Izzi and Maddie scoping out the yard while I try to snap a quick picture.

 And they are off! Izzie is holding the pink bucket and Maddie has the blue/green one.

 The Easter Bunny put some eggs up high where they had to climb to get to them!

 Eggs on the rockwall too!

I love how they said some of the eggs looked like the Galaxy.