Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Starting Seeds

 I love my kitty. This was such a sweet pose!

 More knitting, more kitchen scrubbers!

 The lego store gave us a teeny tiny box that we could bring back in and fill it up with legos for free, pretty much guaranteeing we'd spend another $50 or more while we were there....

 The washclothes are multiplying!

 I changed out an outlet in the girls bathroom that was so loose it wouldn't hold a plug. I have a few more to do around the house. I guess after 30+ years they just get old. I'm so glad my Pepaw taught me how to do this back when I was in college!

 We've been working on a plant unit for science class. So of course that means we should start a garden!

 Izzie and Maddie made seed pots out of old toilet paper rolls.

 Then we studied what the seeds looked like. We decided to chart a root vegetable (carrots), a plant you eat the leaves (basil) and a plant you eat the fruit (bell pepper.) We are also charting peanuts (from a kit they got for Christmas!) I wish I had thought to try celery or chard, something you'd eat the stem of, but we did talk about that.

 Seeds come in all different sizes!

 Maddie checking out our seed starts.

 Princess Izzie working on her Royal Math. This girl has the princess bug BAD. Or good. Whichever. She loves everything Princess and Royal right now. She dreams in pink about castles and pegasuses. Her favorite name for anything is Beauty. She loves making the world a more beautiful place that is for sure!

 And of course the Royal Princess Maddie. She loves everything princessy too, but not to the same degree as Izzie. She loves helping people and building them up. She's a problem solver and a thinker.

Princess Isabelle, Princess Esperanza and Princess Madeline.

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