Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Patty's Day

 I have made the girls a green St. Patty's day breakfast for a couple years in a row now. I think that makes it a tradition. Spinach smoothie and spinach eggs with green pancakes were on the menu today. The girls were very excited.

 Izzie borrowed my green cowgirl hat and even Teddy got into the fun wearing a shamrock dress that belonged to the girls when they were only 3 months old!

 Maddie studying our seedlings in science class. Good thing that I had two cowboy hats, even if both weren't green...

 Reading Cowgirl Maddie. They really love the Amanda and Oliver books.

 I had fun getting into the Green Spirit too. I even won my hat back for a few photos.

 I continued the theme with Cream of Asparagus soup for dinner. This was met with mixed enthusiasm, shocked, right? All in all, our St. Patty's day is mostly spent wearing and eating green things. We keep it kind of low key around here!

 Knitting the girls a multi color washcloth.

 We are still working on our numbers facing the correct way and I have seen some progress, but I thought it was so cute when I came back to my desk to find this in front of my keyboard. I found out Maddie left it, and it does say 4x5=20. She usually leaves me little notes, now I'm getting math problems!

 A few days later we had storytime, and they were carrying the St. Patrick's Day theme. Here is Izzie decorating her leprechaun.

 And Maddie.

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