Friday, March 28, 2014

March Rewild Portland

 Rewild Portland is a pretty awesome company that teaches Earth Skills such as starting a fire with friction, how to forage for wild edible plants, how to make rope from plants, how to carve a spoon from wood, etc. We went to one of their homeschool days back in October and really had a great time. They were closed down for the winter but had another class for March. On a bright and sunny day, I signed us up, forgetting that most likely it was going to be cold and wet again soon. And it was. Both cold and very, very wet. But we are Pacific Northwesterner's now and by golly we were gonna have fun. So we put on our layers with a waterproof shell and headed on out. And we had a grand ole' time. A fire on the beach kept us toasty if not dry and the kids had fun getting wet on purpose. They learned all about beavers and the adults learned how to whittle a spoon. Then we came together for lunch and stories. All good times. Above is a picture of Sarah showing us how to carve a spoon.

 Izzie coming back from the kids hike.

 And Maddie.

 Maddie, Izzie and Peter one of the instructors.

 Since the theme was beavers Sarah brought a beaver and a nutra skull she had. The kids thought that was really cool. There's also one of our whittled spoons on that log.

 Heading back to the car after a very fun day.

Peter and Deidre with all the kids on the beach.

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