Tuesday, February 18, 2014

KURA beds and first trip to the skating Rink

 After much debate and discussion beds have finally been picked out for the girls. John and I narrowed it down to a few different choices and let the girls pick the final bed. They decided they both wanted Junior Loft Beds. This is what they look like:
KURA Reversible bed IKEA Turned upside down the bed quickly converts from a low to a high bed.
It is a pretty basic bed, but if you search Google for the KURA bed there are a million hacks to personalize it. It is tall enough for me to sit underneath, but just barely. We plan on putting a curtain around the bottom to make forts. And I thought that I was also going to spray the nude furniture white. If I had a way to see in the future I would not have bothered. My mod has been a FAIL. But the bed will survive.... 
KURA Reversible bed IKEA Turned upside down the bed quickly converts from a low to a high bed.
Another cool thing about this bed is that it can be flipped upside down. So if they decide in a year or two that they hate climbing the ladder it becomes a canopy bed. 

 Maddie and Izzie waiting for Daddy to get the van so we can load the boxes.

(looks good until you flip them over...) 

Here, I spread out all the pieces to spray paint them. DO NOT do this, this way. Put the boards up on blocks. The spray paint seeped under the boards and made a mess that I had to sand. Adding a second coat before the first one had a chance to dry, created a chemical reaction in the paint and it bubbled up, creating another layer for me to sand down. I tried this several times, waiting days in between and still kept getting the reaction. Then as I was stacking the boards in a corner to start the second bed and give them extra time to cure (they were dry, just not cured.) I started noticing scratches. Sure enough, banging two boards together and the paint scratched off. A flick of a fingernail, same thing. I figured the beds would look horrible in two weeks. I had bought primer& paint in one, but it did not stick on the lighly poly'd surface of these boards. IF you are going to attempt to paint the KURA beds, you better find a better way than what I tried. Now I've spent the past two weeks sanding and paint stripping all the work I did. What a mess. I do have one of the beds put together though... 

 On the way home from IKEA we noticed this on the street outside of our neighborhood. Sure enough, the power was out in our entire neighborhood. They got it fixed up pretty quickly though.

 Our friend Hanukkah and her daughter Esperanza invited us to go roller skating. Here is Maddie, Izzie and Esperanza about to go out on the floor. Maddie and Izzie have had fisher price strap on skates for about a year, but this was their first time to a rink.

 They hugged the wall at first, but soon got up the courage to let go for short distances.

 Izzie and Maddie got a package in the mail from Popo, it was lego kits! They were quickly put together in a flash.

Just a picture of Izzie and Maddie helping me sort socks. I'm so glad they are finally to this age!

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