Monday, March 31, 2014

Ballet Shoes

 The girls have been taking a class that is 30 minutes of ballet instruction and 30 minutes of gymnastics. Their teacher said they needed ballet shoes, so here are my little ballerinas new shoes.

 Maddie and Izzie dancing in their new shoes.

 Caught a spin from Izzie.



 The girls and I worked the school room over. It was starting to overflow. With some reorganization, I created quite a bit of space. They have boxes for holding some of their projects, and I created two "empty" shelves to display their 3D art.

 I took pictures of a lot of their art work that they were ready to recycle and put it on their computer in a slideshow so they can see it whenever they want. I did this part while they were asleep so first thing they went to go check it out! (Maddie and Izzie)

Maddie writing about how water travels through a plant for science class.


 Ballet class. Maddie's on the right and Izzie's to her left. Their instructor is Yauna.

 I like to take my knitting to work on while they are in class. It's perfect time to knit!

 Pug Dog.

Izzie in her very pink room.

Friday, March 28, 2014

March Rewild Portland

 Rewild Portland is a pretty awesome company that teaches Earth Skills such as starting a fire with friction, how to forage for wild edible plants, how to make rope from plants, how to carve a spoon from wood, etc. We went to one of their homeschool days back in October and really had a great time. They were closed down for the winter but had another class for March. On a bright and sunny day, I signed us up, forgetting that most likely it was going to be cold and wet again soon. And it was. Both cold and very, very wet. But we are Pacific Northwesterner's now and by golly we were gonna have fun. So we put on our layers with a waterproof shell and headed on out. And we had a grand ole' time. A fire on the beach kept us toasty if not dry and the kids had fun getting wet on purpose. They learned all about beavers and the adults learned how to whittle a spoon. Then we came together for lunch and stories. All good times. Above is a picture of Sarah showing us how to carve a spoon.

 Izzie coming back from the kids hike.

 And Maddie.

 Maddie, Izzie and Peter one of the instructors.

 Since the theme was beavers Sarah brought a beaver and a nutra skull she had. The kids thought that was really cool. There's also one of our whittled spoons on that log.

 Heading back to the car after a very fun day.

Peter and Deidre with all the kids on the beach.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


With our OMSI membership we got four tickets to see a show in the IMAX theater. Since our membership was almost up, we decided it was a good time to go see a movie! There was a 3D movie on the Monarch Butterfly that seemed interesting so that's the one we picked. We told the girls that the IMAX was a huge screen and that's why it was special. What we didn't think to tell them was that we were going to see a documentary and not a cartoon. So at the end of the movie when I asked Maddie what she thought, she said, "Well it was okay, but not what I was expecting at all. I asked her why not and she told me she wasn't expecting something that was real. But that it looked like the butterflies were coming out of the screen was pretty cool. 
 After the movie we played upstairs in the science playground for a bit and then downstairs in the ball room. I caught this fun picture of three balls hovering over an air stream.

 Izzie, Maddie and Daddy working on trying to make a ball shooter.

 Maddie explaining something to me. Very serious!

 Handsome Jake!

 Because... kitty toes!

 These girls get holes in their knees all the time. A mark of a happy childhood, I suppose. But these awesome patches make the tights even better than before.

 The wild Maddie Bath Monster!

 Another right of passage, correct? The lego zone. We took down the guest bedroom because the bed we had in there was just too big for the room. I'm still working on it, I am putting the headboard in the shed for storage and we are selling the twin box springs on the right there. Then we plan on putting a nice futon in here.

 One of my favorite upcycles so far! This dress was made out of three pairs of tights and a too small t-shirt!

 Both beds are up now we just need to put more artwork up on the walls.

Izzie drew this picture of a ship and mermaid.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I love springtime

 John caught a picture of a rainbow over our neighbors house. He took the pic, ran inside to get me and by the time I saw it, it was already fading.


 We go through a lot of fruit each WEEK.

 Renita one of our homeschool mom friends brought bubbles for the kids to play in.

 Maddie and Izzie

 Whoa! Izzie made a HUGE bubble!

 Princess Izzie watching Daddy play a game.

 Maddie and Izzie flipping through a wedding album.

 My friend Misty gave me some of her chicken eggs. The thing is, a lot of people up here have chickens, but they only have enough chickens to make enough eggs for their family. So scoring someone's extra's even if you are willing to pay is lucky.

 Maddie doing some loom work.



 Daddy and Maddie during movie night.

 Pug Dog streeetching. He found himself a sun-puddle!

Maddie and Izzie checking out our latest library book stash!