Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zoo Day

 End of January and the weather was so bright and warm. Sure we had on our hoodies and gloves, but really it felt great in the sun. We decided to dust off our zoo membership and head to the zoo. Izzie was over her cough, or so I thought....

 Bald Eagles.

 Izzie seeing where her "wing" span matches up with an eagles.


 Our favorite exhibit. The sea lions. They always come right up to the glass to say hello.

 An awesome part of the zoo on a weekday in January is that there was hardly anyone there!

 And then they put on a show.

 We only got to see about 1/3 of the zoo and Izzie's cough came back in force and we had to leave. We still had a lot of fun enjoying the day while we could!

 A few days later we went to storytime at the Battleground Library. Here's Maddie and Izzie wearing the handmade dresses that Grandma got them for their birthday.

One of our "Number of the Day" exercises. They like me to take a picture to show Daddy when he gets home. They are so proud of their work. We pick a random number, usually under 100, but not always. Then we spell it, say whether it is odd or even. Then we Add 10, Subtract 10, Add 1, and Subtract 1. Then I give them a bunch of >, <, or = equations to solve. Then the real fun begins. They get out their cuisenaire rods and make up equations that equal 94. By manipulating the rods, it's easy for them to make groups (like four sets of 20) and then add how many rods don't fit in the group to still equal 94. We take anywhere from 10-20 minutes doing this each day, and most days it's one of their favorite school activities.

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