Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Part(ies)

A couple of us homeschoolers got together and had a Valentine's party that would rival any public school party. We had a grand ole' time! I started the whole thing up, but then my friend Angela offered to host and gladly handed the party to her capable hands. We actually all pitched in a bit and that made the party just perfect. We had two art projects, a Valentine's Bingo, a "Cake" walk, a card exchange and a snack of fruit and cupcakes. 

Here Makena, Kayla and Evelyn are working on the Secret Message Hearts that I brought for the kids to water color. I wrote "Be Mine" or "Sweet Stuff" or "Friends 4Ever" type of messages in white crayon on each heart. Then the kids used watercolors to make the messages appear. 

 Angela, mother to three teens and three 5 year olds also is a Nanny to these sweet twins. They were having a great time watching all the big kids. We had 10 kids ages 5-9, two of the teens and these two babies, not to mention the four moms all partying in her house. That is one thing I LOVE about homeschool. The girls are with all ages of people when we get together, just like life. The nine year olds help the 5 year olds with their projects, the 15 year old was helping us adults with some of the games, the 5 year olds were entertaining the babies at one point. It was just life, fun, messy and full of love. Kind of like how Valentine's Day should be.

 A "Cake" walk game with whistles and pencils for the prizes. (Although when all 10 kids had whistles in their hands the volume went up exponentially!)

 Ashley, helping direct the cake walk, Maddie and Izzie checking out what they won.

 The group of kids.

 Kids playing Bingo.

My favorite picture of the party. Angela with all the chaos around her, just soaking it all in and being okay with it. She's just an awesome lady!

We also had another party the next day, but I forgot to take any pictures of it! It was with our regular homeschool group, ACE. We also did some art, card exchange, play and snacks. What lucky kids to have two parties! As for John and I, we took advantage of the girls girl scout meeting the day before Valentine's to try a new restaurant. Way less crowded and just as special. We went to an Indian place, my first time to try authentic Indian food and I really loved it! And of course it was nice to be able to steal some alone time in a quiet restaurant with my hubby!

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