Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tired of Snow pics, yet?

 Another day, more snow. The snow just kept on coming. By the end of 5 days, we were tired of it too. It was still sort of fun to just see how much kept coming. The locals assured me that this much snow was just not the norm.

 I was starting to worry about my car under there, but when the snow finally started to give way by this last Tuesday, it started up just fine, after I took a push broom to all the snow that was still on the car and shoveled the driveway with a regular shovel, since owning a snow shovel up here is normally useless.

 A house down my street. The picture almost looks like a black and white, but it isn't!

 Front of our house.

 Izzie seeing how far her shoes sunk down in the snow.

 Jake says, I'm staying right here on my warm heating pad. Meow.

 Neighbors house.

 Porch railing

 We had some kind of animal come out of the forest up to our doors. We are thinking a neighbors dog or perhaps a racoon, but since it went to both back doors, we are guessing it was a dog looking to find a warm house.

 Snowy front of my house.

 I'm glad I bought rain boots. Stylin' with my layers and tucked in pants. We don't exactly own "proper" snow gear, so we improvised!

 You might see this as a christmas card next year...

I love how our big cedars are all covered in snow too.

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