Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day

My blog, my rules. I'm still back logged with pictures and I'm trying to get caught up. I don't know if that will ever happen. I actually started post dating the entries just so that they'd match up with the pictures, but I really want to put up the snow pictures from today. Apparently it doesn't snow much in Portland so this is a kind of cool thing. It's even cooler because it's snowing back in Texas too today! The morning just started out cold. Maddie woke up on the grumpy side and wanted a pajama day. Truthfully, I didn't blame her. But the weather was reporting lots of snow and there were some baby flurries happening out there. And we were really, low on groceries. Since the weather also says snow could potentially happen for the next two days, I really thought it was best to set the books aside and go to the grocery store.

Maddie disagreed. Izzie on the other hand was in a chipper, bubbly mood. She was trying to cheer Maddie up, but you know when you've got a good funk on and someone is all buzzing in your space? You just want to squash them like a bug. So the more cheerful Izzie got, the madder Maddie got. Throw a tickley sock in the mix and I thought there was just no way we were getting ourselves to the grocery store. But I pushed on and we did make it there in one piece. Maddie did end up sorting out her mood and the day has gotten much better.

By the time we got out of the grocery store, a dusting of snow had started to accumulate. When we turned on our street it was all white. Not thick, but just white. We got in and put up the groceries and John called and said he was going to come home early. By the time he got home it was really coming down! We got bundled up and headed out to play for a bit.
 Early this morning and proof that even when one girl is grumpy, it isn't all bad all the time.

 But a few minutes later, the attitude can come in full force.

 And the cute grins.

 Back from the grocery store, I texted this to John so he could see our street. I was worried that he might get stuck at work. Luckily he got to come home early.

 front "yard" aka our awesome front porch.

 Back yard aka, awesome back deck.

 Izzie in the pink, Maddie in the purple.

 Our house.

Our backyard.

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