Monday, February 3, 2014

Office Nook Before and Afters

I love decorating! And while I'd love an endless budget, I also am pretty good at decorating on a budget. One thing I knew for sure though, these mauve walls had to go! They sometimes looked dark rose to burgundy to sometimes depending on the light, full on maroon. One thing was for sure, it was a dark depressing color that made the space feel small and cramped. This nook is an interesting space to begin with. It's in my master bedroom, sort of. At one side of the bedroom is a hallway that has a mirrored closet and at the end of the hallway is this window and desk nook. It's just outside the master bath, so perhaps the people who designed it used it as a make up vanity. But we decided instead of cramping both of our computers in the small bedroom John uses for an office, to make this my office. And I have loved it! Now, I love it even more. 

 I'm glad I thought to take a before picture. I'd started clearing off the shelf so my desk is extra cluttered, but I did stop to take a quick couple of photos. See that footstool? I had to use it to get up to my printer, so it lived next to the desk blocking off the bottom drawer.

 The desk top was light pink laminate.

 I bought Faux Stainless Steel contact paper for $8 and did this to the surface of the desk. AMAZING. It does take some precision work, this contact paper is super thin, much thinner than contact paper I've used in the past. ANY speck of dust will show up, so you have to make sure the surface is pristine clean before applying. I used a mini foam paint roller to help smooth as I peeled off the backing. It wasn't quite wide enough, so I do have a seam in the back, but it's really hard to see, especially with my monitor on the desk. Ideally, I'd stain the wood in a dark finish or perhaps even black, but I decided to leave that for another day. I'm going to buy more of this stuff and cover the pink laminate in the laundry room, too!

 I painted TWO  layers of Kilz, I wanted to make sure that mauve was DEADZ.  Then I painted this bright, pale, blue. It is so light and airy back here now, especially with the reflective surface of the stainless steel desk top.

 I had two very small white bookshelves stacked on top of each other in the corner. You know those popular "cube" style shelves sold at IKEA and Target? I had four cubes, but they weren't tall enough for many of the text books and binders I use for homeschooling the girls, so the binders were on the floor in front and the books were laying down sideways. Totally not working. I saw this shelf at Target for under $50 and decided it was worth it. It ended up being a bit bigger than I pictured it would be, but because all my books fit on it and are no longer on the floor, it doesn't feel bigger. Also, we decided to move the printer off that top shelf above my computer and put it behind me. This is so awesome because I had to keep a stool next to my desk (which took up even more floor space) to tip toe to use the printer. While at Target I checked out a clearance rack that had those floating shelves (still need to print out some photos for them!) and the chandelier decal. That silly decal is probably my favorite thing about the entire space! I reused a cork board and just used some decorations that I had around the house for the shelves. Crayons make a perfect decoration for an office. :) And the two discarded shelves are now in my sewing room, ready to be reused!

 My shiny new desk, and no the light reflecting off the surface doesn't bother me, it looks brighter in the photo, in real life it isn't that bright.

This space is small. It's 5.5' x 4'. But it's functional and now it's even pretty. And I haven't even used the shelf over my computer yet. I'm thinking I'll pull my cookbooks out of the garage, since I haven't had a place to put them in the new house. (When we moved, I culled through my cookbooks, but there were just some I couldn't part with!)

*Now, how to get rid of pink carpet that is running through the entire master bedroom? What were they THINKING?

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