Friday, February 28, 2014

John's Birthday

 John holding both girls up!

 Maddie making a chain to help decorate for Daddy's birthday celebration.

 Izzie working on the chain too.

 They made a pretty long chain, and another one over by the front door. Then we blew up a bunch of balloons.

 I totally impressed myself with this homemade ice cream cake that I made over the course of three days. Homemade chocolate cake, with homemade strawberry ice cream and a chocolate gananche topping.

 The girls also decorated a Happy Birthday Sign.

 I made John's traditional Chicken Parmesan... I think I've made it for his birthday almost every year we've known each other.

 We were FaceTimining with his parents when we sang the Birthday song.

 Then lots of playing with the balloons!

We had so much fun celebrating!

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