Monday, January 6, 2014

Wrapping up a holiday

 Back from Mema's house we had one more day at Mom's house before flying back to Washington. Rhonda came over to spend some more time with the girls. She used them to practice face painting, something she's been wanting to learn so she can face paint at her school's carnivals. Both Izzie and Maddie were happy to participate.

 Maddie and Izzie picking out their designs and colors.

 At first they only let her paint on their arms. They've never had their face painted, for some reason they've just never wanted it done. But after she did both arms, they decided that maybe they did want their faces done afterall! Izzie, Rhonda and Maddie.

 I had intended to help mom pack more than I did, but we did get some boxes put together. The girls had the very important task of decorating those boxes. I love their castles and dragons!

Then as we were getting ready for our good bye dinner the girls were in the living room tossing their lovies in the air. If you look closely, you'll see White Teddy hanging out on the ceiling fan. Luckily he was pretty easy to get off. After dinner I spent the evening trying to pack all the clothes and gifts we'd received into the suitcases. The hardest part was keeping all the suitcases to under 50lbs. I'm a master packer, but I'm a little too good sometimes, because you might not be able to lift what I pack. I've learned over the years to think about weight as well as size when packing boxes and suitcases!

 Back on the plane. Maddie checking out the safety manual...

Izzie saying hello to Washington!

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