Thursday, January 2, 2014

Visiting Mema and Pepaw

After our visit with Jackie and Tom, we had to say goodbye to John on New Year's Eve. He had to head back to Washington to go back to work, but we still had six more days in Texas! So of course, we had to roadtrip it down to Bryan to visit Mema, Pepaw and some of my cousins. We only got to stay a couple of days so we didn't get to see everyone. Mom came with us and we had a pretty good roadtrip. 

 Izzie and Maddie with my (second) cousin, Lisa's kids Anthony and Kylee. So I guess that makes them 3rd cousins? Lisa is six months younger than I am, so we always have thought of ourselves as just "cousins."

 Mom took a blurry photo of me and my cuz and our kids.

 Izzie, Daylynn, Darian and Maddie. Our family is so lucky to have two sets of ID girl twins! Maddie and Izzie are Mema and Pepaw's Great Grandchildren and Darian and Daylynn are their last set of Grandchildren (my first cousins.)

 Mema showing something to Daylynn and Maddie. Pepaw over there in his chair.

 Mema saves old plastic jars and tins and random bits and the kids think that they are the best toys EVER.

 I took a photo of Maddie so she wanted to take one of me...

 I hadn't exactly done my hair... we were all just sitting around visiting.

 And then she took one of Mema.

 Izzie with the littles.

 Maddie on the other end.

 Now this was awesome. My Unka D, Mom, Pepaw and (Great) Aunt Kathy. Unka D and Mom are siblings and Pepaw and Aunt Kathy are siblings. Mema pulled out a tin of old family photos and we had a fun time looking through them.

 My sleeping princesses. Maddie and Izzie with one of the quilts that mom made.

 Maddie and Izzie

Maddie and Izzie in Mema's front tree.

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