Friday, January 31, 2014


 The finished art that the girls and I painted. I plan on buying some cool lanterns to hang on either side of them so this wall is still a WIP.

 Jake and I just hanging out.

 A warm kitty, a warm mug of hot cocoa and knitting. A trifecta of happiness!

 One of Izzie's lego houses. It has a arch way entrance, a kitchen, and office and a bedroom.

 Maddie's house. I especially love the double desks there in the middle and the flowers in the kitchen. They have both really gotten into legos. They love the kits and just building on their own. Legos everywhere!


 Maddie and Izzie reading library books.

 Izzie sorting her math rods.


 Storytime, Izzie, Maddie.

Izzie and Maddie. (Izzie is slightly shorter than Maddie, but not this much, it's they way they are standing.)

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