Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Daily life.

 Izzie put together this lego police car she got for Christmas.

 Maddie put together this lego firetruck.

 Kids at our homeschool group. Fiona brought a pinata since it was her birthday and the kids were lining up to take turns swinging at it. Maddie in the purple dress on the left, Izzie on the right.

 Just for fun one morning we made a Dutch Baby or what I called a "Pancake Poof." It was fun to watch rise, you can see Maddie's reflection in the oven door.

 Talking about area in math, we glued down construction paper squares to fill in a rectangle and a triangle.

 Izzie. First we did the length and the width and then we filled in the area.

 We got some really, really dense fog in January. The picture doesn't show it well, but the visibility was very limited. The fog hung around all day too, but at night it was a bit freaky to drive out in. This is on a back road behind my neighborhood. I stopped the car to take the picture, there was no other traffic. Don't worry, I was being safe.

 We got a big outdoor toybox for all the sports gear these girls have been accumulating. Balls, gloves, bows and arrows, skateboards, etc! Before taking the box out to recycle the girls spent some time before bedtime drawing. (Maddie, Izzie.)

 Izzie and Daddy playing some nintendo or some such game.

 Still loving my short hair. At least most days.

I needed some art work behind the girls spot in the dining room. So I bought these big canvases for pretty cheap and put some masking tape down. The girls helped me paint the polygons. We also talked abut visual balance. Izzie told me that this was very boring art, but that she guessed that I must like it.

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