Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow Day

 Izzie working on a clay tablet to write her initials in cuneiform. We are studying Mesopotamia and first civilizations. We learned where the cuneiform is one of the first known writings.

 Maddie working on her tablet.



 Later that day (yes, still in jammies) we made cinnamon salt dough ornaments.

 Woke up one day to a dusting of snow.

 Our front deck. Brrr.


 Izzie and Maddie

 We found raccoon paws in the snow.

The girls made a mini-snowman.

 And then came in for some hot cocoa.

 Painting our ornaments.

 One of our Number of the Days. Since the number was an "easy" one, I had them brainstorm equations for the number. They LOVED doing that and now we've done it several times since then for the numbers of the day.
I was so happy to find the scarf that my friend Melanie gave to me for my birthday last year. I hadn't seen it in all the unpacking, but finally came across it!

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