Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Santa Pic in this post.

 Maddie took this photo of me, and I think she did a great job. I've been growing my hair out since they were born and I think I'm ready to chop it (almost) all the way off. That's my pattern. I grow my hair long and then chop it very short, then repeat. I've done that for almost my entire life.

 I forgot what this thing is called. I also took a video, but now can't find where I saved it. But you weave together craft sticks using tension to hold them together. Then when you let go they pop like crazy. It was pretty awesomely fun. We did this at Homeschool group one day, just because. Also, notice the craft sticks woven together on Renita's head.

 Maddie, Santa and Izzie.

 We finally convinced the girls to wear JEANS! I bought these really cheap at a consignment sale because they promised me they wanted jeans but I wasn't convinced they'd wear them. (They haven't worn them since they were 2 I think.) Well after ignoring them in their drawer for weeks, they finally wore them and said they 'weren't too bad.'

 Our Thanksgiving Tree partially done.

My kitty cat Jake helping me sew. And yes, the carpet is very, very dirty because it's my sewing room and those are bits of fabric scraps, fuzz and threads. I do vacuum in there occasionally, but it does get rather colorful in between vacuums.

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