Sunday, December 1, 2013

Reciting Poems

Part of our Grammar class is memorizing and reciting poems. So far this year the girls have memorized
"The Caterpillar" by Christina G. Rosetti, "Work" by Anon, "Hearts are Like Doors" by Anon, "Days of the Week" an adapted Mother Goose Rhyme and are currently working on "Months" another Mother Goose Rhyme. This is Izzie reciting "Days of the Week." (11/14/13)

Here is Maddie reciting "Days of the Week." (11/14/13)

 The girls are really loving legos. We took them to the lego store for an early birthday present this year. Super hit, they've already spent hours and hours playing with their new legos.

 This is part of a lego city they've been working on.

 Maddie wanted me to take a picture of her with her math work.

 Izzie and White Teddy.

 Maddie and Purple Bunny.


 A still of Izzie from the poem video.

A still of Maddie from the video.

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