Monday, December 9, 2013

It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas...

 Our Thanksgiving Tree. We did pretty good with this, but did not manage to put up a leaf every day. Although some days we were on a roll and put up two or three, so I'm sure it balanced out. I also kept forgetting to take their picture in front of it during the day and wanted to tear it down so I finally just took a picture before bedtime one night. I was also going to write down all the leafs but somehow the stack got thrown out before I could transcribe them. Some of my favorites that the girls were thankful for were: Family, Sissy, The Galaxy, The Earth, Hummingbirds, Flowers, School, Blujays, Mom and Dad, Toys and Friends.

 Pulled out the Christmas mugs to enjoy some Holiday Tea. I love Stash Tea and they are based in Portland! One day I'm going to make it to their retail store in Portland where you can buy it by the bag and try out all the flavors!

 Decorating for Christmas. We've always had a real tree but since the girls and I won't be home for a lot of December we decided to just pull out our mini tree. This is what John used to decorate his apartment way back before we were married. We've kept it all these years and last year we put it in the girls room for them to decorate. But this year it's our "main" tree.

 Maddie dancing to Christmas music.


 Still working on the decorations. Izzie helped me twine tinsel and lights together so I could put them around the windows. Without a big dazzling tree, I wanted more sparkle.

 Our outdoor lights.

Wrapped all these up on Nov 30th. Twenty four christmas books, all ready to do the countdown. the girls get to open one book a day until Christmas!

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