Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Turkey Day

 The day before Thanksgiving Maddie and Izzie helped me make and apple pie from scratch. I think it took us an hour and half from start to finish, not including baking time. They did a great job measuring everything out.

 And they have been practicing cutting with a real knife so as I peeled all the apples, they did all the cutting.

 And they did a great job rolling out the crust. And then we assmebled the pie. We chose a dutch apple pie, which has a strudel topping instead of a crust on top. It was SO good!!!

 The day before Thanksgiving I did the pie with the girls, brined the turkey, made the mushroom soup from scratch for the green bean casserole, candied the pecans for the sweet potatoes, made homemade marshmallows and roasted the sweet potatoes. Day of Thanksgiving I made the green bean casserole, made homemade crescent rolls (I'm rolling them out in the picture.) Made the mashed potatoes and gravy with the girls' help, of course cooked the turkey. We had a feast that lasted us a long time in leftovers!

 Izzie mashing the potatoes.

 And Maddie taking a turn.

 The rolls. They weren't quite as buttery as store bought crescents, but I was getting stingy with the butter at this point (I should have bought extra!) and I had to cut the rise time in half. But they still were yummy!

 This sweet potato casserole is almost more of a pie than a side dish. It is very sweet but it is SO good. This is the second time I've made it.

 The spread.

 "Whew!" That was hard work!

 The pie stayed pie shape when it got cut. That is awesome. And check out that strudel layer. Seriously good crunchy yum.

 The girls enjoying their turkey dinner.

And don't forget the pug. He got to lick the platter that the turkey was served on and that made his little puggy day.

After we ate our late lunch and let our tummies rest a bit, we went to see Frozen at the movie theaters. At first we couldn't find a showing of it anywhere but we finally found a theater that had an afternoon screening. It made the day feel a bit more special to have some place to go. We really, really missed having tons of family around but we did our best to make the holiday feel special to our smaller family unit. Overall it was a great Thanksgiving though. What I missed the most was the camaraderie of all the females gabbing in the kitchen. I learned that to me, that is what makes the holiday special. Not sitting around the table, that's fun, but all the hours in the kitchen with the girls of the family is my favorite part of the holiday. I'm glad Maddie and Izzie were old enough to make the pie with me, because that was pretty darn special.

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