Wednesday, December 4, 2013


 Time for another haircut. The girls ends were getting tangly, so we went to the mall for a cut and then had a special snack at the fro-yo place. We haven't gone out for frozen yogurt since in Texas and the girls kept asking. I figured it'd be a good day to go. Here is Izzie sporting her new look.

 And Maddie. She kept her hair a bit longer than sissy's again.

 Art/Science project at the library. Here's Izzie. They used watercolor on a paper and then saw how lemon juice can bleach out the color. It was sort of neat, but mostly unimpressive.

 We've been getting frost in the mornings. This is a close up of one of the succulent plants in my front yard. The ice made them look fancy.

 It was a bit chilly outside but after a few days of rain we were excited for sunshine. Here's Maddie on her bike. So far this fall/winter has been a lot drier than what we were told to expect. Apparently that's been unusual.

Annnnd here's Izzie! They were willing to put on jeans a hoodie and gloves but no socks. By the time we got inside Izzie told me that her feet were icicles. But the next time I warned them that they probably would want warmer shoes and socks, they did listen.

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