Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Parties/Christmas Lights

The girls triplet friends, Makena, Kayla and Isaac threw a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party. It was very sweet of them, they planned the entire thing, even asking one of their other friends to play 'Silent Night' on the violin. Mostly it was a great excuse for a party though!

 The kids sat around a table and made gifts to give to other kids. They made some peanut butter bird feeders and homemade playdoh.

 It was a super fun party!

 Helper Kitty helping me wrap presents. And you can't fool this kitty by setting down a piece of paper and saying, "don't sit here." He's too smart for that move. He sits right where he is center of attention.

 Finding Lego Princesses is the most unlikely of places. She's holding on for dear life in my pantry.

 Getting some ride time in. Izzie.

 When I asked on facebook where we should go for Christmas lights, I was overwhelmed with responses. ZooLights were top of our list, but finally we opted for Portland International Raceway's Winter Wonderland. It was pretty cool. The best part of course was watching the girls watch the lights.

 "mom! that's too bright!" says Izzie. The best part of course was the fact that we were on a closed road loop going negative miles per hour (well that would be backwards so maybe we were going 1 mile per hour.) Anyway, the girls took turns sitting in my lap leaning out the window. Whoa... that was so much fun!


 Because a nautical scene is so christmasy! :)

 This light tunnel was pretty cool. The lights looked like they were racing toward you. John said it felt like we were driving at "warp speed" even though we were still just inching along.

 The fog has been amazing lately. This is the view from my sewing room.

 Our silly Elf got herself trapped in a bottle.

 Izzie and Maddie working on some math equations.

 No t-shirt is going to be safe. I upcycled this tshirt into an awesome bag. Then I ironed on a DittDott Designs logo to hand deliver a towel to a customer. Now I need more t-shirts that are ready for the goodwill pile.

Sunbright flew to a very high place today! (PS, did you see that? Today. Yeah... I'm actually caught up on the blog. For real.)

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