Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Birthday Selfie in this post

 Our Christmas tree and stack of Christmas books.

 Homemade pizza night. This photo was just too scrumptious not to post.

 Izzie and Maddie snuggled together to read some books before bedtime one night.

 This little guy had an injury in the move. His feet fell off. I was sorta able to glue him back together but he's a bit more fragile than before. Since his old job was to hold toilet paper, I didn't think he was up for that anymore. I didn't want people tugging on him. So, I made him a sign to hold and now he's a greeter. He's one of my favorite Christmas decorations. Ever since the girls' were two I started collecting cute snowmen decorations and so I have a bit of a theme that is a mix between Snowmen and Vintage Santa. I'm slowly trying to add to our decorations each year.

 Turkey Pot Pies. The thing about cooking a full Thanksgiving meal for four is you get a LOT of leftovers. After a few days of eating the leftovers as is, I started changing them. Turkey Pot Pie, Turkey Noodle Soup, Turkey and Sausage gumbo, Sweet Potato Pancakes, Turkey Enchiladas and probably a few dishes I'm not thinking of right now. I haven't even started my turkey stock, that'll be happening soon!

When Grandma and Grandpa came to visit they brought the girls a precious moments nativity scene. They spent three days carefully painting each figurine.

 Madding making snowflakes out of popcicle sticks. The idea was to spray paint them and hang them on the wall, but when the temps dropped in the teens I didn't want to go outside to spray paint them. So hopefully this project will still get finished, but as some of the sticks have now broken off because they've been laying on the floor waiting to be sprayed, we'll see...

 Izzie laying out a design for a snowflake.

 Bunny and Teddy both went in for elective surgery. Both of them had their stuffing gone from their tummies. I guess it got compacted in their feet, but even their feet weren't over stuffed. Very strange. Anyway, I warned the girls that they'd feel different, but they assured me that they did want them restuffed, their idea, not mine. Maddie made a funny face when I gave her back bunny, but he was accepted.

 My handsome Jake posing pretty.

Yeah, you know... multiplying fractions at age 5. I LOVE Miquon math. It's so much fun.

 Izzie's sheet. It's interesting to note that their cognitive ability is higher than their fine motor skills. For instance, writing the 3 backwards on the second problem. Or the 20 backwards on 1/2 x20 =10. I have made it a point to keep our handwriting class separate from our math class. I've focused on the math, knowing that the numbers will eventually turn themselves around. I think it'd be too discouraging to make them write backwards numbers over and over when I'm more concerned with whether or not they got the math skill correct. We do have a handwriting class and when numbers or letters go backwards in it, then they have to rewrite them.

 Happy Birthday Selfie. Picture I took of myself on my 34th birthday. It was a great day! The weather started to get really cold this year on my birthday. The girls and John took me out to my favorite bistro, Twilight, for lunch. Then that evening I went with 3 other moms to a little (and I do mean LITTLE!) Italian cafe called SubRosa in downtown Portland. It was adorable. I think there was 6 tables in the entire place. When the owner/hostess/waitress found out we were all moms of twins she brought us a glass of champagne! That was before she even knew it was my birthday.

 It started getting pretty darn cold, with temps in the low twenties. We got all bundled up for gymnastics. These coats that Grandma and Grandpa sent were plenty warm!

 Princess Belle/Izzie reading in front of the fire. The weather kept dropping, we hit a low of 8 degrees a few days ago. We've kept several fires going these past few days!

 Princess Ariel/Maddie reading near the fire also.

 We've been doing greater than or less than for a while now, so when it came up in our mathbooks the girls said, "we are experts at this!" They did fly through this worksheet. I like how Maddie used a negative number to show something that was less than 2.

Izzie also used a negative number. She wrote her 2,one of her 9's and all of her 3's backward today. I do usually point out when they are backwards, but I don't make them rewrite them. They did this sheet all on their own, otherwise I usually try to encourage that the next time they write that number to flip it around. 

 The girls' troop leader asked if I could teach the Junior girls in the troop how to do some zen tangles. I had so much fun! I printed out the outline of the girl scout logo and and then tangled it up. I printed some extra's for the girls and showed them the basics of some of the tangles. One girl was super excited by this art form. She couldn't wait to do more and more.

 While I was working with the Juniors, Izzie and Maddie were with the rest of the daisy's. They were doing a painting project where they blew a puddle of paint across a page with a straw. It was pretty cool looking.

 Our pond pretty much froze solid. Here it is with a dusting of snow on top. These were record low's that our area got, apparently it doesn't normally get this cold or stay this cold for so long.

 I had to change out the hummingbird feeder a couple of times a day. I had four hummingbirds fighting over it. this isn't the best picture, but there is a hummingbird or two dancing around that feeder. Apparently 'Anna's Humminbird' lives in our area year round.

Another worksheet, they did this one themselves also. Izzie erased hers before I could snap a picture. I love how this program teaches kids to think about math a bit differently. By giving them long rectangles, it encouraged them to put equations or bigger numbers in the spots.

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