Sunday, December 22, 2013

And then they were SIX

 Izzie and Maddie, six years old.

 They had a party in Washington before we came to Texas, but it's just not quite a full birthday if you don't get to blow out a candle and have some (cup)cake on your special day. Mom and Chris also took the girls out for their traditional outing to Chucky Cheeses. They were old enough to play with some of the "big" kid things this time which got Maddie wondering and a bit concerned that they'd eventually outgrow Chucky Cheeses. Chris assured her that their was a grown up place called Dave and Busters that was like Chucky Cheese for teenagers and grown ups. She was impressed.

 Lady Clara and Gator's gift arrived at my mom's house the day of their birthday! They had fun unwrapping all the presents. They were very excited about getting some Disney Princess dolls!

 Izzie tripped and fell back into the box. Of course I told her to "Freeze!" so I could snap a photo.

 Izzie telling Maddie a secret. Perhaps deciding who gets to play with which doll first? Who knows...

 Pirate Izzie and Maddie

 These 'jammies also were from Lady Clara and Gator.

 Izzie helping Dylan and Aunt Rhonda decorate the tree. She found an old ornament I made when I was a kid.

 This is another one I made way back when. It'd be a fun and easy one for Maddie and Izzie to make next year. This year we did the cinnamon salt dough ornaments.

 Rhonda, Maddie and Izzie decorating the tree.

 Enjoying a warm fire.

 About to open presents with Mom, Chris, Rhonda, Dylan and Daddy.

 These warm hats are so soft!

 Making Christmas Lasagna!

 John and I

 Rhonda reading the girls a book.

 Christmas Smudgie.

 Chris and Mom.

 Lasagna for days. Literally. It was so good though!!!

 Rhonda being silly with the ends of her braids.

Izzie and Maddie with their very good friend Rylie!

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