Thursday, December 19, 2013

And Off to Texas we Go!

 Some of our bags ready to load into the car. One of those suitcases is a bag in a bag. John's going to do the same thing. We know we'll be bringing home more than we go with! One of those suitcases has nothing but presents to give away. (That big one in the middle.)

 My cute socks all ready for airport security and they whizzed us by in a TSA Pre-Check line. We got to the airport really early expecting long lines but got to skip them all. That's okay, people watching at the airport is fun.

 We found our gate and got comfy for a bit. Izzie, Maddie and Me.

 Southwest lets you choose your own seat so we tried to find an empty row so we could sit together. Bunny and Teddy were eager to get out of their backpacks so they could see take-off.

 We landed and Mom and Chris picked us up. Starving we headed to La Madeline for a quick bite to eat. Dallas was all sparkly with lights, this tree was super impressive.

 The next day, I had made an appointment with my old hair stylist. I was ready to say goodbye to these long locks. I cut probably about 18 inches off! I wanted to donate but since I had bleached my hair a few years back, my locks were not eligible.

 Popo playing with Maddie and Izzie.

 And it's gone!

Short and Sassy!

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