Wednesday, December 11, 2013

6th Birthday Party

Starting to decorate for the girl's 6th birthday party. Its always funny that their birthday decorations get mixed in with the Christmas decorations, but there isn't much way to work around that when your birthday is 5 days before Christmas. Since the girls and I are going out of town mid-December and will be in Texas on their actual birthday, I threw their party a couple weeks early. They originally wanted a Pajama Party and I was excited with the prospect.

But the closer it got to the date of the party and when it was time to buy decorations it came out that they really wanted a Princess Party. So, we had a Pajama/Pizza/Princess Party, because that's how we roll. I have tried to stay away from commercially themed parties, but negotiating with two almost 6 yr olds for the theme of THEIR party is hard to do. Once you introduce Disney in your life (and it is almost impossible not to) Disney can easily take over. I have done my hardest to keep them out of commercial clothes, shoes, bedroom decorations etc. I don't have a problem with Disney. I love Disney. I like Disney dolls and Disney movies and of course the Disney parks. I do not like princesses slapped on EVERY item that they own. It gets old and feels a bit like brainwashing.

 I made a strawberry (read: pink) cake with buttercream icing. The icing was supposed to be a yellowish color, but it was more light cream. And no party is complete in the girls' eyes unless it has a pinata.

 I had an idea to make a belle inspired nightgown. Well, I've never done rouching before, and my calucations were off, because when I rouched, it pulled the skirt in making it a pencil skirt instead of an a-line skirt. The girls liked them though, so that's what counts. But because their nighties looked more like princess costumes and less like pajamas we told all their friends to either wear a princess dress or a nightgown. Izzie and Maddie.

 Izzie and Maddie.

 Balloons. They don't even have to have helium. As a last minute plan, I blew up about 15 balloons and tossed them around the living room. This kept the kids occupied while everyone was arriving.

 I bought pillowcases at the dollar store and fabric markers. The kids all got to decorate a pillow case, which was a lot of fun!

 Even with the extension in the table, the pillow cases were too big for all 8 girls to sit, so Maddie and Izzie worked at the coffee table.

 Kayla, Makena, Olivia, Hailey, Esperanza and Emma.

 Since the low was something like 8 degrees that night, we did the pinata indoors. John got to hold it up in the air. Isn't he an awesome dad?

 Maddie taking a swing.

 And since we used fabric markers instead of paint, the pillowcases not only are still soft to lay on, they didn't have dry time so they became the loot bags for the pinata drop.

 Pizza time!

 We sang Happy Birthday to Maddie and then to Izzie.

 Opening presents.

And getting ready to watch Beauty and the Beast. While the kids watched, the moms sat in the den in front of the cozy fire visiting. Making it a fun Mom's Night In for me! I think the party was a success. The kids left happy and tired, a great combo.

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