Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pink Soup

 We had to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa and then get back into our normal routine. It was fun having my mom and Chris come for a visit followed by Jackie and Tom. Next, it'll be our turn to head back to Texas for a visit. It sure will be weird "visiting" Texas! Here Maddie and Izzie are playing playdoh. And when they play playdoh, they PLAY. For HOURS. They LOVE playdoh and all the accessories.

One Friday morning, I was trying to plan ahead. We have ACE, one of our homeschool groups on Friday afternoons and we always get home right at dinner time. So, I went to make a sort of tuscan bean soup that morning before we left. A bit of white beans, some ham and usually some sort of greens like turnip greens or spinach. Well I had red chard in the fridge so I threw it in the soup.  It turned the soup pink. Not quite as pink as pictured above, but definitely, discernibly pink. I knew my pinkalicious princesses would be thrilled about it, but instead of showing them, I thought it'd make a fun surprise at dinnertime. Fast forward to ACE.

They were having so much fun they did not want to come home. So I used my pink soup as a lure to get them excited to go home. But when we got home and I went to dish up dinner the soup had been simmering and the pink was no more. At the most it was a slight creamy blush, but not pink. Maddie broke down in tears. She was SO excited for the pink soup. I apologized profusely and told her that I didn't know it wasn't pink anymore. That night, someone on Facebook gave me the idea to add pureed beets to the leftovers. As luck would have it, I had some beets that had already been roasted and stored in the freezer. So, puree I did. That is what you see above. Pureed beets added to the Tuscan "white" bean soup. The girls loved the addition and the day was saved.

 Izzie reading in my bed.

 Maddie working on some geography. We were working on the compass rose. We started at one state and had to use cardinal directions to draw lines to another state. They liked coming up with more and more complicated routes to get to their destinations. It turned into a pretty fun lesson!

Izzie. You can see her route from Florida to Texas. Start at Florida and go North. Then go West and then head South, she said.

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