Monday, November 18, 2013

Just another day....

 Maddie and Bunny working on math.

 Izzie making up some of her own equations.

 Maddie working in her handwriting book. I just noticed in this picture she's got her hand curled around. I'll have to see if that is how she's really writing or if it was just how the picture got taken.

 Izzie practicing her handwriting.

 I've got to say that fall in Portland is amazing. The trees look like they are on fire with bright oranges, yellows and reds. It is amazing. Especially with the evergreens as a backdrop.

 My old man Jake lounging on a heating bad on my bed.

 We ordered 1/2 a cord of wood. I didn't know how much that would be, but I'm sure we'll burn through it. We've enjoyed several fires already this fall.

Poor Bunny got dumped on my laundry hamper. Something was just so sad about this picture. Although, don't worry Bunny and Teddy both are still super loved. Best friends forever and all of that.

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