Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Homeschool Halloween Pics

 Maddie and Izzie. I'm so glad they learned how to swing by themselves this summer!

 Playing with a friend at one of our homeschool park meet ups. I think this is Natalie.

 At their VERY first official Girl Scout meeting! They are part of troop #45078.

 Getting ready for a Halloween party at one of our homeschool groups. Izzie and Maddie the pink and purple fairies. I made the dresses and petticoats but bought the wings. They added the headpieces.

 The makeup was 100% completely art directed by Izzie.

 One of the games at the party. We drew pumpkin faces while blindfolded. Izzie didn't want the blindfold as it "might mess up my make up."

 Some of the kids from our homeschool group. I love how we have kids from 2-13.

 I went through the girls' closet the other day and pulled out the things that were just way too small. Perfect chance for some "new" clothes!

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