Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finishing up October... finally!

 Izzie modeling one of the dresses I upcycled for her.

 Maddie working on math problems, using a numberline.

 Izzie working on her math sheet too.

 Izzie wearing a skirt that Nanna made them.

 Maddie wearing one of the new outfits that Nanna bought when she was here. This thing looks so comfy, I wish I had it in my size. And she's modeling her new tennis, since she's now a size bigger than Izzie. Her first pair of tie shoes, so now we get to learn how to tie! (which is funny since they can tie a knot in their thread for sewing, but we haven't practiced shoe tying very often.)

 A beautiful fall day at one of our homeschool groups. The kids all got together to make a HUGE leaf pile and then had fun jumping in it.

 Izzie drew Nanna a picture of a pear tree, an apple tree, a bunch of bluebonnets and a bunch of butterflies. Then she wrote: We did not grow this.

 We went to Halloween storytime and at first there weren't that many  kids. But then it got swamped! We've been going to dress up storytime since they were little bitty, I didn't want to miss out this year. It might be the last year they are interested in it. Not sure how they'll feel about storytime by next fall.

 They had several art projects to do after the stories.

 They decorated these Frankenstein cups and then went to the librarian to "trick or treat."

 Izzie ready to trick or treat. I stayed behind to give out goodies. We were going to trade off, but my hip was in so much pain from a fall a couple weeks before that I couldn't walk very much. (Thankfully after almost a MONTH of pain from that injury, I'm all better!)

 My fairies! Maddie and Izzie.

And of course checking out the loot when they got home. This neighborhood was crazy on Halloween. Full size candy bars, busses of kids coming, full scale fireworks and lots of parties and spooky houses. Pretty cool!

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