Thursday, November 14, 2013

A bit of school....

 A few weeks back we tackled the pine needles on the roof. John got out the blower, but soon realized that he was going to have to first loosen everything up with a push broom. He said it wasn't an easy job!

 Luckily he didn't have to use the push broom for the entire roof, and soon was able to start blowing. Look at the deck! After he was finished with the blower up high, I used it to blow the needles off the deck. Crazy amounts! And this is nothing, it looks almost like this again now that fall is almost over.

 Maddie built this tower with her Contraption Blocks.

 For our reading lesson one day a couple of weeks ago, I wrote out a BOB book on two white sheets of paper with a white crayon. The girls used water colors to make the words magically appear on the paper. After all the words showed up they each read their part of the story. This was a very fun lesson! This is Izzie using the paint to reveal her words. We talked about how the waxy crayon "repelled" the water based paint.


 Izzie's. (By the way, it isn't easy writing white on white!)


 These slippers were on sale at Carter's one day and I couldn't resist. They needed new winter slippers anyway and so I bought these, hoping they were the right size. So now I've got two pink monsters on the loose.

 Maddie's wood collection. She started this a couple months ago and is very discriminating on her choices to add to it. She picks up interesting pieces every few times we go to the park and adds them to her collection.

 LOVE pink monster toes!

 Another reading lesson. We did Sight Word Bingo.  Maddie's studying her words to familiarize herself with her bingo board for this round.

 Izzie looking for a word I just called out.

 A science project I've been wanting to do for awhile. A sheet of baking soda, colored vinegar and a dropper. We talked about chemical reactions and color mixing too.

 I think they would have done this all day long.

 Izzie liked making a puddle.

 Izzie's science art.


 For math we hit the driveway. I made a couple of big numberlines with chalk. I had the girls walk up and down the numberline as I called out addition and subtraction problems.



 Izzie counting out her problem.

We also did our number of the day. We pick a random number and do some math facts with it. We usually talk about it's 10's place and 1's place, count it out, sometimes tally it and talk about how many sets of five are in the number. We add 10, subtract 10. Add 1 and subtract 1 and then we talk about if it is greater than, less than or equal to the numbers we added and subtracted. Last we declare if it is even or odd. This has grown over the months. We used to just count it out and maybe add 10. 

 Maddie and Izzie being silly on their math.

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