Wednesday, November 27, 2013


 Maddie working on some multiplication problems. I was surprised that multiplication was in their first grade math books, but they are doing really well with it.

 Izzie and her math.

We got out our letter magnets and had fun sounding out and creating new words. This is Maddie. She kept a list of the words she wanted to spell.

 Maddie and Izzie at the library. We've gone a couple of Wednesdays in a row now that it's getting to cold/wet for one of our homeschool groups that meets at a park during nice weather. We were given 20 raw spaghetti noodles, 1 yard of tape a bit of string and an a marshmallow. The challenge was to see how tall you could make a freestanding structure with the marshmallow on top. The girls helped direct this scheme, and I helped them build it. Our was 17 inches when done. Our friend Fiona got hers to be 23 inches!

 Sewing the patches on one of the Daisy uniforms. They supposedly are iron on, but I didn't trust it.

 I don't like talking weight, who does? But I've lost 25 lbs since summer. I have a long way to go, and I don't care that it's going slow, but I do plan on living "health with ease." As in, when losing weight is work, I don't like doing it. So, I'd rather go slow and get to my goal when I get there. And I don't really like talking about it, but I am proud of my 25 lbs down and would like to at least acknowledge it (does NOT mean you have to, no really, please don't.)

 Look at my Daisies!!! I can't help it, I'm just so stinkin' excited. When they said I was having twin girls my FIRST thought was Girl Scouts! How is that day already here? My second thought was that I'll have an excuse to go to summer camp as the camp director in the future...

 Maddie wanted to show me what she wrote. Math is Fun!

 PugDog, Puggy, Ripples, Rippy, Ripley-is-a-good-boy, Ripster, Good-Boy all nicknames of Ripley.

I made a fingerless glove, apparently they are in style. I upcycled this from an old sweater. But I rarely have patience for making two of something (which is hard when you have twins.) So as of right now, I've only got ONE fingerless glove which is probably less useful than two.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The beginning of November.

 We started this tree on the first day of Thanksgiving. It's getting pretty full now. We haven't been great about putting a new leaf up every day like I had originally planned, but some days we put up 2 or 3 so I'm sure it's all good.

 Another day, another leaf pile. This was also the first day of November at our Homeschool Group, ACE. This group is great because it has kids all the way from age 2 to about 13/14. I love how the kids will sometimes all play together. Most of the time the "big" kids and the "little" kids splinter off into two groups, but there are lots of times when they all come together.

 Maddie running about to take a turn to jump in the pile.

 Levi is int he pile right now. This kid is amazingly nimble. He climbs trees like a pro and loves to do tumbles across the park.

 Maddie, Daddy and Izzie watching tv.

 I spy a storytime... Maddie reading a book to Izzie. Also, you can see some of the turkey decorations they made.

 Nanna sent this card to Izzie for Halloween. Izzie used it as inspiration for a drawing. Love how accurate she got! The two cards that Nanna sent sing monster songs when you open them which provided a lot of entertainment. A LOT as in, if I hear that 15 second blurb of a song again I'll go crazy amount of entertainment.

 The view out of our homeschool room window. It was an overcast drizzly day.

I can't seem to get a good picture at OMSI. This was one of our trips earlier this month. So far I think we've been 4 times this month? At any rate, our membership there was WELL worth it, several times over.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finishing up October... finally!

 Izzie modeling one of the dresses I upcycled for her.

 Maddie working on math problems, using a numberline.

 Izzie working on her math sheet too.

 Izzie wearing a skirt that Nanna made them.

 Maddie wearing one of the new outfits that Nanna bought when she was here. This thing looks so comfy, I wish I had it in my size. And she's modeling her new tennis, since she's now a size bigger than Izzie. Her first pair of tie shoes, so now we get to learn how to tie! (which is funny since they can tie a knot in their thread for sewing, but we haven't practiced shoe tying very often.)

 A beautiful fall day at one of our homeschool groups. The kids all got together to make a HUGE leaf pile and then had fun jumping in it.

 Izzie drew Nanna a picture of a pear tree, an apple tree, a bunch of bluebonnets and a bunch of butterflies. Then she wrote: We did not grow this.

 We went to Halloween storytime and at first there weren't that many  kids. But then it got swamped! We've been going to dress up storytime since they were little bitty, I didn't want to miss out this year. It might be the last year they are interested in it. Not sure how they'll feel about storytime by next fall.

 They had several art projects to do after the stories.

 They decorated these Frankenstein cups and then went to the librarian to "trick or treat."

 Izzie ready to trick or treat. I stayed behind to give out goodies. We were going to trade off, but my hip was in so much pain from a fall a couple weeks before that I couldn't walk very much. (Thankfully after almost a MONTH of pain from that injury, I'm all better!)

 My fairies! Maddie and Izzie.

And of course checking out the loot when they got home. This neighborhood was crazy on Halloween. Full size candy bars, busses of kids coming, full scale fireworks and lots of parties and spooky houses. Pretty cool!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Homeschool Halloween Pics

 Maddie and Izzie. I'm so glad they learned how to swing by themselves this summer!

 Playing with a friend at one of our homeschool park meet ups. I think this is Natalie.

 At their VERY first official Girl Scout meeting! They are part of troop #45078.

 Getting ready for a Halloween party at one of our homeschool groups. Izzie and Maddie the pink and purple fairies. I made the dresses and petticoats but bought the wings. They added the headpieces.

 The makeup was 100% completely art directed by Izzie.

 One of the games at the party. We drew pumpkin faces while blindfolded. Izzie didn't want the blindfold as it "might mess up my make up."

 Some of the kids from our homeschool group. I love how we have kids from 2-13.

 I went through the girls' closet the other day and pulled out the things that were just way too small. Perfect chance for some "new" clothes!