Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Grotto in Portland, OR

 So backing up a bit to back in mid September when Jackie and Tom were visiting, another place we went to was The Grotto. It's a Catholic place for mediation, prayer and church services, all outdoors. The place was incredibly beautiful. There was a path that had the Stations of the Cross, and statues of religious icons throughout the gardens. You can pay to go up a really tall elevator that leads to even more gardens and on a clear day, incredible views of the mountains. We were there on a very cloudy/foggy day, but it was still beautiful. Here is Maddie and Izzie posing for me.

 The view from way up high. Suppsidly on clear days you can see mountain peaks.

 There was a very modern looking chapel. We walked in and there were a couple of lounge chairs with people sitting in them reflecting and gazing out this incredible window. We were very quiet inside.

 I couldn't resist taking one photo though. I muted my phone and turned off the flash so as not to disturb anyone. It was much prettier than the photo shows!

Heading back out to the car the girls saw tree stumps. They cannot resist climbing on stumps!

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