Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mini Maker Fair

So the third day that Grandma and Grandpa were here, we were going to go see The Grotto, a Catholic Garden. But that morning it was still very, very foggy. And we read that there was a place at The Grotto that you could see really great mountain views. So we decided to go to OMSI first, another place we wanted to take them. Well, as we pulled up to OMSI we noticed that something was going on in the parking lot. The normal parking lot had been turned into a fair. So we decided to investigate. 

Turned out it was called the Mini Maker Fair and it was AWESOME. Like totally completely AWESOME. I'm so glad we happened upon it, I'm so glad we stopped, I'm so glad we stayed. We didn't make it into OMSI that day, but this was so worth it. We stayed for over three hours and probably could have stayed longer, but we did still want to get The Grotto in on the visit.

 The Maker Fair celebrated things handmade, from historic to futuristic. Here Daddy is helping Izzie shoot a bow and arrow.

 Izzie learning how to spin yarn.

 Maddie taking a turn.

 They set up these awesome awnings? Shade contraptions. They were sculpturistic. Texas needs to learn about these from some of the fairs I've been to there! Even though it looks cloudy, it was actually a pretty bright warm day, these shades helped.

 Grandma, Grandpa, Maddie and Izzie watching a woodworking demonstration. He was using a non-powered saw to make fine cuts in wood.

 Izzie checking out a spinning top made from wood.

 This car was on display. Covered in Yarn. Pretty cool.

 One of the more "futuristic" makes. They got to make a toy with an LED blinky light.

 Balloon powered Lego Racing Cars. Maddie is standing next to her friend Fiona, who we ran into at the fair.

 This robot started following me around. At first I didn't see the guy who was operating it and it was pretty funny!

 Making a community lantern by gluing decorated pieces of tissue paper on a paper lantern.

 I thought Popo would think this copper coffee table was pretty terrific.

These things were pretty cool. Apparently they are for sale on Amazon. 

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