Saturday, October 5, 2013

Gymnastics and Birthday Fun

 Izzie on the balance beam.

 Maddie's turn.

 They got ribbons for outstanding performance on the beam. It was their first time to get a ribbon!

 Playing a game to help with the letter b vs. d. As pre-k kids they never got b or d mixed up. Once they started to learn to read though, they started mixing them up. So this little game is a fun way to practice. They role the dice that has 3 b's and 3d's on it. Then they see which letter will win the race! Maddie is really thinking it's fun.

 Izzie got into it also.

 They played at least 5 rounds before they were ready to move onto something else.

 Izzie drew this picture for her friend Riley.

 Maddie drew this one.

 This was at our homeschool group. The girls were playing with playdoh. The big kids thought it was fun and they came over to join them. Maddie and Izzie watched them and learned how to make some new stuff out of playdoh that they'd never made before. Here they are with their friend Fiona.

 Our good friends William, James and Christopher just a few days before they moved all the way to Arizona. This was at one of our other triplet friends' birthday party.

 Maddie and Izzie.


 Izzie with her goldfish prize. It came over the sheet in a ziplock bag of water and I thought it was a real fish! But it was just a realistic looking plastic one. Whew.

 The triplets' older sister was making balloon animals for the kids.

 And here are the birthday kids! They turned 5 years old. Kayla, Makena and Isaac.

 The girls have never been interested in face paint, but Izzie was willing to get a butterfly on her arm.

Showing off her butterfly!

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