Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Creative Writing - Izzie

I'm going to interrupt my slow catching up (I've got a TON of photos to post...) but I wanted to share Izzie's Creative Writing Assignment today. We started the Connect the Thoughts Creative Writing back in May. We pull it out once or twice a week to do one of the assignments. It is structured for pre-readers who are just starting to write. The focus is usually on the drawing so that the kid gets their creative juices going with their drawing then they are asked to sound out (not spell) 5 words to describe their drawing. Very quickly the girls wanted to write sentences and stories, going beyond what the assignment asked. At first they'd do the five words and then I'd help them write sentences. Now they write their own short sentences.

This was Izzie's assignment at the end of May. She had to find an object in the room and draw it and describe it. She found a big (palm of your hand) sized eraser. Her words were: cold, smooth, rolly, oily and heavy.

A month later she wrote a few describing phrases, which I rewrote below so that we could look at the correct spellings (completely complimenting her on sounding out her own words.) Then she asked me to put them in a story at the top. The drawing of a girl is on the previous page. (She looks happy, Ice Cream Store, She is going to the ice cream store.) Story: Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to go to the ice cream store for her birthday. The End.

A few months later she wrote this story about a cat, using our cat Jake as inspiration.
The Story of Jake. Jake went to lay down. Jake meow. Jake found his milk. He drank and drank.

The interesting thing, as she was drawing the picture she was verbalizing a much more detailed story. I think that's why the pictures are so important. Her creative ability is 100x her written ability. But it is good practice to try to merge the two.

The second page, a lesson a few days later, we again used a cat as inspiration but this time, the cat had to be "crazy." Her story as she was drawing was pretty funny indeed! But this is what she wrote:
The crazy kitty went to bed. The crazy kitty woke up and he went away.

You can also see a progression on the handwriting.

Today's story was about a dog. I love how her handwriting is improving. She's working on spaces between her words and writing in a straight line. She flips her g's, h's and mixes up her b's & d's when writing.

The girl who had a dog. The girl who had a dog had a sweet little (dog.) She fed her meat.

Izzie wrote the entire story by herself while I was in the other room. She sounded it all out. I just translated her spelling afterwards.

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