Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creative Writing - Maddie

So a bit ago I posted about Izzie's progress in creative writing so far since we started in about May of this year. Today, I'm sharing some of Maddie's work. 

 For the first assignment they had to find an object in the room and use 5 words to describe it. Maddie picked a toy cell phone and wrote: Cold, Smooth, Bumpy, Metal and Pushy (the buttons could be pushed in.)

 On this assignment she drew a picture of a girl and was told to write some words describing what she was doing, thinking or feeling. Happy, Ice Cream Store, Home and Nap. She verbally told me a story about a girl who was happy eating ice cream at the store but then she went home and took a nap because the ice cream made her sleepy. I remember Maddie really was resisting writing at this assignment, but then something must have clicked. Because she started writing "chapter" books outside of our Creative Writing classtime. Everytime you'd go to look for her she was off writing on some scrap of paper. It really shows, because the next lesson she wrote a lot!

 The cute bunny going to a playdate. Her friends are named Daffodil, Green Grass, Treelimb, Moss, Natalie, Chloe, Taylor, Flower Valley. The End. Of course her story was much more involved than this, but after writing all those names, which she came up with by herself (Natalie, Chloe and Taylor being some friends of ours though) she got tired of writing so it was The End.

 This assignment really tickled me because she got really involved in the drawing. She created a factory and got very descriptive verbally on how the levers and buttons worked to make everything in the factory work. She wrote: There were two brothers who owned a factory. Their names were Klap and Snap. The End. Again, I love the names she came up with!

Keeping with a Halloween theme this week, I asked her to write a story about a dog that gets to dress up for Halloween. She wrote:
The Witch Dog
The witch dog made lots of potions. She poured them on trees.

She told me it was an evil witch dog and the potion was bad and killed all the trees. The light blue circles in the sky is rain.

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