Friday, September 6, 2013

We don't always wear our pajamas, sometimes we wear a swimsuit.

 Izzie made paper chocolate chip cookies. She cut out circles, colored them and then carried them into John's office on a paper tray to offer us one.

 Working on a family puzzle. This one is now complete and we've started a second one.

 I made a blackberry cobbler (and some mini cobblers) with our fresh picked blackberries.

 A favorite game this summer is for the girls to pull each other on their wheelies using a jump rope.

 Another sunny day at the swimming hole. This morning it was really chilly! But it did warm up a bit before we had to leave. (Maddie, Izzie)

 We went with our friend Angela and her triplets and Ashley came with her four kids as well.

 I did not pack enough snacks for the day, and my girls were saying they were so hungry. Maddie found a blackberry bush and asked if she could eat them. Sure thing, free snack.

 Izzie helping to make mac-n-cheese for dinner.

Maddie and Izzie reading books with me in bed  early one morning.

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