Monday, September 2, 2013

Time to play photo catch up again...

Time to play photo catch up yet again! These are from towards the beginning of August. (How is it ALREADY September?) John has been in Vancouver for one year at the end of this month. Crazy! What a up and down and up year this has been! 

 Maddie at OMSI playing with a stuffed animal.

Izzie working on using a pulley system to bring beanbags up the tower.

 Izize and Maddie


 One of the museum curators doing a vacuum science experiment for the kids.

 The girls made a mud pie feast and wanted me to take a photo.

 We got our math curriculum in! I was so excited to get started and so were the girls. It's called Miquon. I did a lot of research and this math seems like it'll fit our learning style really well. For a lot of the lessons they use these blocks called Cuisinairre Rods. They are scaled so the white one is 1 unit all the way to the to orange one equaling exactly 10 white rods. Just after a few practice sessions they were already saying things like one green rod plus one red rod equals a yellow rod. That means that 3+2=5!

 Izzie showing off one of her lab sheets. Different than worksheets Miquon works on the premise that there are multiple ways to arrive at the same answers. So there are multiple ways to work with each math sheet. We spent a couple lessons just playing around with this one lab!

 Maddie showing off some of her work.

Another math lab. Izzie's drawing the correct number of objects for each problem.

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