Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Priest Park in Olympia, Washington

(Zelda, Zoe, Andi and Alex with Izzie and Maddie.)

 So a few months before I moved to Washington, one of my friends and fellow PAMOM mom's Angela and her family moved to Seattle. Seattle is 3 hours North of us here in Vancouver. We decided to meet one day half way in Olympia, Washington for a picnic/playdate. We are even talking about meeting up for a campout next summer. We picked this park (Priest Park) thanks to the wonders of Google and headed out. It was a nice drive for the girls and I, but sadly it was raining. We'd had weeks and weeks of no rain and the one day that we planned for an all day outdoor outing the rain showed up. But we are Washingtonians (or whatever they are called up here) now so we decided to press on.  It was lightly drizzling when we got to the park.

We played at the playground for awhile, but the rain picked up right at lunch time and luckily we found this shelter to eat under.  While we were eating lunch two deer came out.  That was a special treat!

 The rain let up so we went on a mini-hike. Or perhaps it was a stroll through the forest. What a beautiful park!

 Maddie and Izzie really enjoyed playing with girls their age. They didn't really remember Andi or Alex, our last playdate in Texas together was when they were pretty young.

Zoe, Zelda, Andi, Alex, Maddie and Izzie.

 We found this really cool old timey swing the kids loved it.

 We were talking about what we wanted to do next and we look up and Alex is scaling a tree! Of course all the big kids needed to try this out after she did.



We had a great day. There is a water area too, but we didn't end up exploring that since it was a bit colder than we had anticipated. We went back to the playground and the kids played for a bit longer until the rain just started pouring down. By that time, it was mid-afternoon and we decided our Texas bones couldn't handle it any longer. We said warm good byes and see you again soons and headed home, with a fun afternoons worth of memories tucked near our hearts.

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