Friday, August 2, 2013

Portland Sand in the City

A couple weeks ago in downtown Portland there was an event going on called, "Sand in the City." They came in and dumped a couple tons of sand in a public square and had teams come to build epic sand structures for charity. John's company Logitech had a plot. Their sand structure was a couple of minions from the Despicable Me movie carrying off one of the speakers that they design. All made out of sand of course! John wasn't on the building team, but we did want to go out and support the team and company!

 Daddy taking Maddie in a bit closer to the action.

 Daddy and Izzie

 This is what Daddy's are good for. Saying yes to ridiculously huge sno-cones full of artificial dyes. The three of them shared it and enjoyed it.

 One of the teams sand art.

 Trying to get a better view.

 Visiting some of the booths, that had an art project going on.

 We took a break from watching the sand being formed to go splash in a city fountain. That's a thing here. There are several fountains around town and the kids flock to them. Since we hadn't planned on this, they weren't in their suits, but it was a warm enough day that we figured they'd dry off fast enough. They started out fairly timid to get wet but then just went with it!

 My favorite shot of Maddie I think.

 I wish I could have jumped in with them, but I did not want to hang out in wet clothes. Sucks to grow up.

 More sand art

 This is Logitech's sand art. I never did get a shot without the pillars in the way!

 We sat waiting on the steps for the results, the girls were wet at this point and the sun was dipping behind the buildings or a cloud so it was getting chilly. We waited and waited but they were running very late. Finally we decided to go find some dinner and come back to see the results. Walking to the food trucks though was painfully slow because the girls shoes were rubbing blisters and they were super tired at this point. The food trucks were close to where we parked our car so we decided to just call it a day and head home. It was a super fun afternoon!

Portland has areas of "semi-permanent" food trucks set up in parkinglots called Pods. I'd seen them on Food Network so was very excited to try some out. I got a dinner at this Hawaiian truck, Izzie and Maddie grabbed a burger and John ate at a Burrito truck. Fun!

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