Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Belated Half Birthday!

These five year old girls of mine have quite the energy and I've been looking for creative and fun ways to channel it. I came across this contraption called a slackline and just knew they'd love it. After talking it over with Mema and Pepaw they decided to give the girls a half birthday present this year so that they could play with these things during the summer. Plus, traveling home for Christmas presents are going to be tricky this year. It took a bit of price comparison to find what I was looking for, but I finally found these rock holds on ebay. I got the slackline from Amazon and the rope ladder from HearthSong. 

 Maddie starting to climb as I'm screwing the holds into the side of our shed. She was helping me figure out where to put the next one.

 Izzie jumped righ on too.

 Maddie REACHING high!

 Perching on with a look like, "uh... now what!" I worked with them for a while making sure they knew how to climb down, as well as up!

 The slackline! This is seriously not easy! It takes a lot of balance. This is Maddie. The guide line helps beginners, but if you check out youtube vidoe's adults do some pretty awesome stunts on these lines. There is even a type of yoga for slacklining.

 Maddie working on a trick.

 Izzie turning around.

 The rope ladder. This thing is pretty tricky too, because it wiggles around as you try to climb it.

Wide view of the rock climbing wall.

Thank you SO much Mema and Pepaw, your gifts are well loved and appreciated. They will get many summers of great use out of them.

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Amanda said...

What a gorgeous blog - bookmarking to come back to. In the meantime, tell your girls to climb up the SIDE of the rope ladder. Much easier! I:)